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Thrive Koi Clay

Thrive Koi Clay Customer Feedback

We would like to thank our customers for taking the time to share their thoughts about what Thrive Koi Clay has done for them.  Below are a few of the emails we have received from our happy Thrive customers.      



Dear Thrive Koi Clay,

I have been battling my pond for the last year with clarity issues. In the summer of 2005, I started using Thrive Koi Clay in my pond. For the first few months I doubled the weekly dose and the pond looks clearer than it ever has. I am down to dosing the pond once a week as suggested and the pond looks great. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my pond now.

Nancy Rowe    Cedar City, UT



I would like to let you know since I started using Thrive Koi Clay the colors on my koi seem to be a lot more brilliant. I have been making up my own paste food for my koi. I add two teaspoons of Thrive Koi Clay to it. Since I have, my koi seem to be a lot healthier. I plan on showing one of my koi in 2006 at a local koi show. I think with the help from Thrive Koi Clay that I just might have a chance at winning something with my Sanke. Thank you!  You found a customer for life!

Matt Rush   Oak Ridge, TN 



I have a 1,300 gallon water garden that I have been using Thrive Koi Clay in. I just wanted to tell you that the pond has never looked so good. I have about 20 different types of plants in our pond. All of the plants seem to be very healthy now. In the spring, I plan on using a few scoops of Thrive Koi Clay in all of the plants we re-pot. 

It also seems that I don't have to clean out my skimmer pads as much. I used to get a build-up of algae on them all of the time. It was to the point where I needed to clean the pads every few days or the pump in the skimmer box wouldn't get enough water to it. Now that we use the clay, I only need to clean it once a week if that. 

Betty Berk   Redding, CA




I began my treatment this week with your Thrive Koi Clay. I checked my water today and for the first time, the nitrites are zero. I am assuming this is a coincidence with the first treatment of Thrive Koi Clay, but I am confident the clay will help. Thanks for a great product.

John    Albany, OR